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Mail Manager supports the filing and searching of messages in Synergy. It will discovery the filing locations of the projects that you have access to, so there's no need to use collection files and add locations.



Enable 'Discover filing locations via User Preferences
Valid user sign-in credentials e.g. email address etc.


How to add Synergy locations

1.From the Mail Manager ribbon or toolbar select Tools > User preferences...

2.Select Synergy and tick the three options as shown below:

3.Select OK
4.After a short while you may be prompted to enter your Synergy credentials to allow Mail Manager to search for your filing locations
5.The projects you have access to will be available to file and search after a few minutes



Synergy filing locations will appear under a collection called: Synergy
Emails will be filed in to the default email folder i.e. '02 Email in / out'
Synergy locations are not verified like they are for local and network folders, therefore the locations status column will be empty.